Who We Are

Whenever you are looking for the stars, look for them on Weimarstraat 245, in The Hague, Netherlands! There you will find Coffeeshop Galaxy!

Founded back in 2012, we have been proudly proving our hard work and quality, which today results in a big and loyal customer base! Our undeniable success gave us many opportunities, one of which is our second shop that will soon open in Hilversum.

coffeeshop den haag

Organic Products.

Coffeeshop Galaxy is a place where high-quality organic products are guaranteed! Quality is our number one priority!

Lab Tested Products

Our customers deserve to know exactly what they are purchasing. Transparency is key! Therefore, all of our products are lab-tested, and we are confident in the quality we put out!

Mentally Relax

Our staff consists of knowledgeable individuals and friendly professionals. For any question you may have or any help and suggestion you might need, do not hesitate to consult with our team.

Our Story

Our small Galaxy was created back in 2012! It may not be as old as the Universe, but we’re going strong on Weimarstraat 245, in The Hague, Netherlands! Soon, our friends from Hilversum will be able to enjoy their own galaxy, our second shop!

Our main goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied with what we offer! For that matter, we have only been working hard to deliver high-quality organic and lab-tested products, as well as highly professional services!

We made sure to build a great team of knowledgeable individuals and friendly professionals. You can always be sure you will be served properly; your questions will be answered and you will be given advice if you need it!

We put so much time, energy and love into our business – we hope it can be seen from the galaxy! With our Galaxy-themed interior design, we tried to turn Coffeeshop Galaxy into a Dreamland that does everything in its power to make your experience more enjoyable.

coffeeshop den haag

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